There are many misconceptions about these three words and their meaning, and they are often used interchangeably. However, they are distinct from each other. It all starts with a logo, which is basically a graphical element that represents your company. That logo is part of your identity, which consists of all the visual elements of your company, which also includes your printed collateral and website. Your brand, however, is everything: it encompasses all the experiences, impressions, and knowledge that there is concerning your organization and product.

At Little Guy Designs, our goal is to help you elevate your brand image by focusing your logo and identity in innovative ways. We know you have a vision for your company, and we feel it's our purpose to help you realize it in a way that elevates you above your competition.

Getting a logo these days is easy. There's a plethora of resources available, and you don't have to spend much to get something that looks pretty cool. But a logo that looks "cool" typically doesn't suit the needs of a successful business. There are many aspects to a strong logo, and fitting these elements into your brand takes consideration and development.

Our designers understand the message a logo is intended to communicate, and it is our priority to work with you to define that as precisely as possible. Once we know what that is, converting that into a powerful visual element is a relatively simple task, one that Little Guy Designs is very adept at. Let us help you create the company you've always wanted.

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