No matter how carefully organized your business might be, or how carefully you plan for your events, you can't avoid those panic-inducing moments when you spill coffee on your last set of business cards and won't have them for the entirety of your business trip, or the event coordinator at the trade show failed to notify you until the actual day of the event that you have advertising space for a banner as well.

That's when Little Guy Designs turns on the overdrive. Once we're off the phone, we're non-stop until you have what you need in your hands. We can produce almost any printed product in an astoundingly short amount of time, so keep our number on speed dial for those seemingly impossible tasks.

We love new ideas. It's one of our many passions: it starts with a spark that turns into an idea, and by working it step by step, you end up with a viable product. The genesis of our company was one such idea, and some of our best work and most advanced printing techniques are the result of this passion. So if you have your own spark, you can bet we're all in with you.

We'll help hammer and shape that spark into something worth writing home about, and then design and print it so you can send that, too. Contact us today to see if we're the right fit for your ambitions.

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